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2 years ago
Join the virtual symposium on #AdditiveManufacturing and Automated Fiber Placement hosted by @TU_Muenchen and #ANU. Talks by AFPT, @Airbus, @BMWGroup, CEAD, @DLR_de, @Fraunhofer, GKN, INOMETA, @sglcarbon, @victrexplc.
Agenda & free registration: https://t.co/i0XTAkRfjE https://t.co/P0hSZRhrVj
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4 years ago
REXUS 23 payload just before handing it over to motor mating. What a beauty.
From top to bottom: daedalus_rexus, @viper_rexus, #ARES, span_rexus, @tesos_rx, @DLR_de service module and… https://t.co/tPS99rGhfU
4 years ago
TESOS is powered and receiving data. All nominal.
4 years ago
Countdown is running again. T-49 minutes
4 years ago
Unexpected CD hold at T-50 min due to additional launcher preparations
4 years ago
The RBF locking pin of team #ARES is removed. ARES is now in flight mode and ready for lift-off
#rx23 https://t.co/KCCBNqnqTV
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3 days ago
Bench Test Time!🚀
The REXUS 27 and REXUS 28 teams are preparing to participate in the Bench Test next week. This takes place at DLR MORABA in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.
#rexusbexus #studentproject #engineering #science #scienceandtechnology #rocket #rocketscience #space https://t.co/xyRSPU08Ym
1 week ago
Coming in hot 🚀🔥 is the team SHEAR (Supersonic Heatshield Experiment Aboard REXUS) from the @TUDelft. They aim to flight-prove a self-developed thermal protection material made out of nanocomposite foam.
#rexusbexus #science #engineering #student #rocket https://t.co/5kwxRyTqaj
2 weeks ago
#BEXUS team SBGA (Miniaturized Multi-Sensor Box for spaceborne geodetic Applications) from the @TU_Muenchen. They will fly accelerometers, a magnetometer, and a GNSS receiver to measure the vertical gradient of Earth’s gravity field.

#rexusbexus #science #engineering #student