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2 years ago
Join the virtual symposium on #AdditiveManufacturing and Automated Fiber Placement hosted by @TU_Muenchen and #ANU. Talks by AFPT, @Airbus, @BMWGroup, CEAD, @DLR_de, @Fraunhofer, GKN, INOMETA, @sglcarbon, @victrexplc.
Agenda & free registration: https://t.co/i0XTAkRfjE https://t.co/P0hSZRhrVj
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3 years ago
REXUS 23 payload just before handing it over to motor mating. What a beauty.
From top to bottom: daedalus_rexus, @viper_rexus, #ARES, span_rexus, @tesos_rx, @DLR_de service module and… https://t.co/tPS99rGhfU
3 years ago
TESOS is powered and receiving data. All nominal.
3 years ago
Countdown is running again. T-49 minutes
3 years ago
Unexpected CD hold at T-50 min due to additional launcher preparations
3 years ago
The RBF locking pin of team #ARES is removed. ARES is now in flight mode and ready for lift-off
#rx23 https://t.co/KCCBNqnqTV
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3 weeks ago
Did you know that the polarization proprieties of light can be used to detect life?
The Hermes (Habited Exoplanet Research Measured by Eminence Stokes) team builds an experiment to demonstrate this during a flight on a BEXUS balloon.
4 weeks ago
The HERCCULES team from the @IDR_Aeronautic of @La_UPM is going to fly their experiment to the stratosphere. You can check out their experiment and learn about the REXUS/BEXUS Programme in this awesome video they produced: https://t.co/ODpo3Wm8mb
1 month ago
Already quite busy with prototyping is @REXUS_GAMEon from the @EAHJena. The team aims to eject a lightweight glider from a REXUS rocket. After a free fall, the glider will enter a spiral dive where it will be actively controlled to return to a target coordinate. #rexusbexus https://t.co/gjFRxrF6zC REXUSBEXUS photo